How to achieve the business goal?

Establishing the performance-based learning objectives is an essential process for designing any e-learning course.

The well-described training content results in the desired performance outcome that allows the business to move forward in attaining its targeted goal.

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We digitized over 100 books for a reputed central government organization within short span of time, considering their requirement. With our huge manpower and sophisticated tools we assure you a quick turn around time of our services for digitization.

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Fill the existing knowledge gap by improving the learners’ performance through e-Learning courses to achieve overall business goals. For creating such e-Learning courses, the organization must have a clear performance-based learning objective to attain the expected outcome.

Being the most-sought e-learning software solutions provider, we will offer our knowledge on setting up efficient performance-based learning objectives for your e-learning course content.

“A well-curated performance-based learning objective offers to take your organization one-step closer in achieving your targeted business goals.”

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Microlearning can be present in a broad range of media types. The goal is to communicate the learning objective in the more efficient way possible.

For that presenting the content in a video is a perfect choice. Also, the organization can choose their delivery format from the below microlearning examples list to present their learning materials.

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Microlearning is a learning method that addresses a single learning objective in short nuggets format for encouraging the learner to understand, retain, and practice the attained skills in a more efficient way.

But, keep in mind microlearning approach is not snipping content from a long content rather delivering the whole idea in a short format. Also, microlearning principles don’t suit every learning objective. Always consult a professional instructional designer to check the feasibility of this learning method with your learning objectives.

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HTML5 e-Learning Development

An already in-demand solutions globally for E-learning, many corporates and training providers are looking to develop their contents in html 5 format for delivering through multiple devices.

WHBS with their expertise in CSS 3, HTML 5 and java script bring alive your new content/already existing adobe flash content to a rich internet applications that conform to web 2.0 standards in responsive designs…



What is Moodle?

MOODLE is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Some of the important features of moodle are:


Social constructivism
Connected and separate


1. Moodle tries to support a Social Constructionist view
2. All of us are potential teachers as well as learners – in a true collaborative environment we are both

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Path of the Pioneer:

White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is incorporated in the month of August, 1999. It was in the period 1995 – 2000 the dot com boom happened, as an institute teaching various computer courses, WHBS produced ILT (Interactive Learning Tool) materials for software’s such as MS office, C, C+, etc. Over the years, we developed eLearning solutions for Ministry of Education – Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei through our partners in South East Asia.

The journey continued by providing solutions to reputed banks, colleges, universities all around the world. Some eLearning brands struggle to strive in cut throat competition and couldn’t able to carry the legacy forward in sustained demands of eLearning industry. We at White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, with good work ethics, backed by our customer-centric approach complete 19 years of journey filled with our each customer’s satisfaction as our proud achievement…

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There are many institutions which has training materials in the form of adobe flash content. These institutions are now pushed to a corner to deliver this existing training contents to cater to their employees with multi-device deliverables.

They should think about the investments they already did to prepare this content and to allot an approximate budget to keep this training contents alive for the present and the future. WHBS helps these institutions to convert their existing adobe flash developed content training materials to HTML5 content.

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