Training to facilitate Coursea Courses

It’s essential to increase consumer awareness of a product and understand the potential of its features prior to any successful product launch. We begin meticulously training you as soon as you engage our services for the Coursera course development.

We provide face-to-face training, online training, or any other mode that is convenient for you, regardless of your global presence.

Our training is divided into four phases:

Phase I: To educate on Coursera’s operation and your purpose for participating.

Phase II: To get you ready for the creation of the Coursera course materials.

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Core Function of an LMS

“An LMS enables you to create, manage, and deliver e-learning courses, as in the same way a word processor (like Microsoft Word) helps you to write documents, and email server (like Gmail) helps you to manage your email.

Let’s look at each of these words for a better understanding of the LMS definition.”

because you use it to deliver training courses and programs

because it helps you organize these courses

because you do everything online and keep all data in one place

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LMS Solutions

Nowadays, most companies choose to deliver their training online. So the LMS training market is growing so fast since the beginning of the century. This growth made companies search for a Learning Management System (LMS). A virtual classroom experience is also available on the LMS platform.

Virtual learning creates more engaging circumstances for employees. And research shows that learning through VR gives more results than non-virtual learning methodologies because classroom training is always more effective than any other training. Hence, many corporate organisations opt for virtual learning through LMS.

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Convert Your Legacy Flash Content To Html5

Firefox and Google Chrome are the most commonly used browsers and they blocked flash, So if your content is in flash, your actual purpose is not going to be solved.

HTML5 allows to create courses for all devices, browsers and display screens. So the Courses can be reached to larger audience.

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Here we list a some of the salient reasons to incorporate micro-learning in the refresher training sessions:

  1. Simple yet effective: A microlearning module designed with deep insights to convey a single objective at a time for a maximized learning reinforcement.
  2. Reduce the cognitive load: Adding a microlearning module in the form of a short video or animation can keep your learners focused throughout the learning/training process.
  3. Improves the quality standards: Sharing a performance support aid such as a PPT, PDF, or Info-graphics on a project-related concept can help them avoid repeated mistakes.
  4. Consistent follow-up: A regular or scheduled delivery of updated compliance, company policies or safety guidelines through microlearning modules keep them informed and support continuous learning.
  5. Break the monotony: Combining multiple learning methods from podcast, blog, webinar, or a simple puzzle eliminate any distraction and complements to reinforce the key learning concepts.

What do you think is the utmost goal of any training program? To Upskill, Reskill, or fortify the existing proficiency for improved productivity consecutively, the ROI. Although microlearning modules can never be an alternative to a well-rounded eLearning course, they act as a supplement to improve the ROI of a dollars-spend training program.

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Virtual Reality in the Education

As technology advances, new technologies emerge and a new ways of learning are being introduced to us. Studies demonstrated that multimedia can provide a very effective teaching and learning environment in such a way that the learning style preferences (visual, aural, text and kinaesthetic) of the learners are taken into consideration.

These studies indicate that the visual features play a very important role in understanding the concepts. As this necessitates creating new richer visual learning environments, we have to migrate into Virtual Reality (VR) educational multimedia system.

The goal of VR is to enhance, motivate and stimulate students of certain events and at the same time it also allows for students to experience hands on learning. But what is more appealing in regards to VR in education is the fact that it can be used to simulate and allow learners to practice procedures without the risk involved.

This can be applied in experiments that have proven to be difficult to carried out in traditional instructional environments, where teaching students regarding safety procedures; and in medical education without involving the safety of a real patient.

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Open Source Software Customization

Website development and content management systems are very easy to build using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, using the open scripting tool PHP.

Kimai – an open source time tracker, MantisBT – an open source issue tracker, Opencart – the best open source e-commerce platform, OTRS – an open source ticketing system are some of the open source software . WHBS has well domain knowledge in customizing the sites.

Every business has different requirements and those requirements can be fulfilled only by certain services and supports like White House Business Solutions.

Open source software customization saves organizations time and also can get innovative approaches. Open source software customization can be developed for content management system, e-commerce application, job portals and many such genres.

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Learning Management System – LMS Solution

An LMS is a software that companies use to develop, deliver, and track training status for their employees, clients, and partners. The word ‘training’ gives us an image of classroom with an instructor giving lectures or a large conference or workshop as in the case of a corporate training. But this traditional way of learning is greatly reducing due to the advent of online learning tools.

Online training has become popular, because of its easy connectivity methods. With the abundant growth of the e-learning market; companies, instructors and learners have realized the benefit of virtual and LMS training sessions.

Through LMS, companies offer online training to their users all around the world, both in real time and also as recorded sessions. Trainees can also access additional learning materials like courses, guides, quizzes and videos at their convenient time and place.

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E-learning Content Development – White House

E-learning Content Development – For Corporate Training:

Training Needs and Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze skill list on demand
  • Employers who lack the skills on demand
  • Set learning training course target goal Target Audience Analysis
  • Employee Preference, limitations, and requirements
  • Required skill to achieve the target goal
  • Capacity of the employee on the particular skill-set

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