Open Source Software Customization

Website development and content management systems are very easy to build using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, using the open scripting tool PHP.

Kimai – an open source time tracker, MantisBT – an open source issue tracker, Opencart – the best open source e-commerce platform, OTRS – an open source ticketing system are some of the open source software . WHBS has well domain knowledge in customizing the sites.

Every business has different requirements and those requirements can be fulfilled only by certain services and supports like White House Business Solutions.

Open source software customization saves organizations time and also can get innovative approaches. Open source software customization can be developed for content management system, e-commerce application, job portals and many such genres.

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Learning Management System – LMS Solution

An LMS is a software that companies use to develop, deliver, and track training status for their employees, clients, and partners. The word ‘training’ gives us an image of classroom with an instructor giving lectures or a large conference or workshop as in the case of a corporate training. But this traditional way of learning is greatly reducing due to the advent of online learning tools.

Online training has become popular, because of its easy connectivity methods. With the abundant growth of the e-learning market; companies, instructors and learners have realized the benefit of virtual and LMS training sessions.

Through LMS, companies offer online training to their users all around the world, both in real time and also as recorded sessions. Trainees can also access additional learning materials like courses, guides, quizzes and videos at their convenient time and place.

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E-learning Content Development – White House

E-learning Content Development – For Corporate Training:

Training Needs and Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze skill list on demand
  • Employers who lack the skills on demand
  • Set learning training course target goal Target Audience Analysis
  • Employee Preference, limitations, and requirements
  • Required skill to achieve the target goal
  • Capacity of the employee on the particular skill-set

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About Us: WHBS

Path of the Pioneer:

White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is incorporated in the month of August, 1999. It was in the period 1995 – 2000 the dot com boom happened, as an institute teaching various computer courses, WHBS produced ILT (Interactive Learning Tool) materials for software’s such as MS office, C, C+, etc. Over the years, we developed eLearning solutions for Ministry of Education – Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei through our partners in South East Asia.

The journey continued by providing solutions to reputed banks, colleges, universities all around the world. Some eLearning brands struggle to strive in cut throat competition and couldn’t able to carry the legacy forward in sustained demands of eLearning industry. We at White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, with good work ethics, backed by our customer-centric approach complete 19 years of journey filled with our each customer’s satisfaction as our proud achievement…

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We develop video-based learning content addressing the complete spectrum of your corporate training needs. As the best e-learning solution provider in Chennai, India.

Our learning professionals utilize emerging technology to create innovative learning solutions that can be deployed to make an impactful training experience, fulfill the existing knowledge gap, and address your training needs at an affordable price range.

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In the learning and training industry, never the one size fits all requirement. Rather each one requires tailored training/learning material. Here in White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, we have learning experts analyzing your needs and transforming them into solutions that can upgrade the learners’ efficiency with efficacy.

General scenario-based learning:

The basic scenario-based method allows the learners to test and practice the attained knowledge. Further, based on the organization’s necessities, we can also modify the structure in a process of attaining new abilities.

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Scenario-based learning – WhitehouseIT

Safe training environment:

Offering the learners the opportunity to practice and apply the acquired knowledge in a simulated yet safe training environment. The employees can learn from their mistakes without the concern of real-world consequences like reputation, money loss, and the results.

Earn problem-solving skills:

The real-world challenges designed in the form of a simulated environment encourage the learners to analyze the situation, make critical decisions, and learn from their responses. Practicing such a tedious process fosters the learners to confront such situations in their job with confidence.

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